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Danaher Dempsey, DPT

Danaher Dempsey has been a physical therapist since 2018.


He has worked in outpatient and acute care settings working for Providence Swedish and Eisenhower Health in Palm Springs. He has experience working with chronic pain, and aquatics as well as many orthopedic conditions. He has been pursuing continuing education and has recently completed all the course work to apply for the advanced Certified Functional Manual Therapist certification through the Institute of Physical Art. He has experience with Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Manual therapy, and Therapeutic Exercises.


Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Danaher had many careers. He was an actor, project manager, and personal trainer. In his personal training days he enjoyed working with kettlebells. He has 1st degree in Kung Fu through the Chinese Kung Fu Wu Su Association, and has run three marathons.

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